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More Thoughts From Me #122: Nintendo Will Rule E3 2018

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular systems right now. And Nintendo is bringing Smash Bros Switch to E3 this year and releasing the game this year too. So what else do you need? Does Nintendo actually need anything else? I think a lot of people would just be happy if they showed a lot of Smash Bros and nothing else. But…Nintendo won’t be happy with just Smash Bros this E3. Oh no. And while Smash will get a lot of attention, there are some other games that I predict will be at E3 2018. Here we gooooo!


Animal Crossing Switch will not be revealed at this E3. I wish it would be. I would totally love it and wouldn’t care about any other game there. Seriously. I love Animal Crossing. But I just don’t think it’ll happen.

I do, however, have some really nuts predications to make. These are completely bonkers and probably won’t happen. So don’t get your hopes up.

First of all, that Star Fox rumor is true. Retro has made a Star Fox game and it is more amazing than the rumors suggest!

And if you just want an F-Zero game, well, I predict we’ll see the return of that franchise also. A new game created by the same people that brought us Mario Kart 8. The graphics will be jaw-dropping and the racing speed will be insane.

However, Nintendo won’t be happy with just fighting and racing games. There will be a new 2D Mario game announced for Switch!

It won’t be Mario Maker 2 though. The new 2D Mario game will be the long rumored and often dismissed Super Mario Bros 4. But how do you make a 2D Mario game exciting after Mario Maker? Believe me, if any one can do it, Nintendo can. People will be lining up to preorder this game.

Pokemon Switch will be shown off again (ya you know its getting a Direct before E3. It’ll happen). People will love it. Not me though.

Here is where the predictions get crazier.

Intelligent Systems will show off the new Fire Emblem game. This game will be massive and be like three or four Fire Emblem games in one. The graphics will stun and the gameplay will be the best yet.

But thats not all. Intelligent Systems also worked with another developer to bring us a remake of Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door for the Switch. The updated visuals will be stunning. And some new levels and other surprises will be added to the game. The Paper Mario amiibo that will be released with it is mind blowing.

Oh and if you thought Monolith would sit this year out, you’d be wrong. A 2019 Monolith title will be shown off. No Xenoblade and no real name yet. Project Z or something like that. It’ll be a CGI tease but it’ll get people excited.

Also Metroid Prime 4 will be revealed. My guess is it’ll be out this year. No specific date other than 2018. Actual gameplay will be shown. The treehouse will go more in depth with it.

There will be some other surprising games too. Like, who would have thought Earthbound would be back??!

And no 3DS games will be shown during the Showcase video, however during Treehouse Live we’ll get some 3DS announcements.

New Super Mario Bros 3 will be announced for 3DS. Coming later this year. It’ll have online multiplayer and a level creator. It won’t be as robust as Mario Maker but still pretty cool.

Dragon Quest 11 3DS will be a surprise announcement from Nintendo and Square. Probably won’t be out till Spring 2019 though. Translation time and all that. It’ll be worth the wait.

Luigi’s Mansion will be shown off, Warioware Gold, and one more shocking 3DS game. Splatoon 3DS. There ya go. My most insane prediction.

And yet, I’d trade all of this for Animal Crossing Switch. Yes, even that Earthbound game.

So what do you think? Am I crazy or will any of this come true? Let me know. I’m waiting!

Next week: What will Square, Bethesda, Capcom, Komani and some others be up to at E3? My last minute crazy predictions for various third party companies!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinon column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Just watch me be totally wrong about everything I predicted here. I especially hope I’m wrong about Animal Crossing Switch!



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