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Mario Golf: Super Rush – Overview Trailer

Mario Golf: Super Rush will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in June. Nintendo released an overview trailer for the game today and you can check it out below. Then please come back here for some thoughts on the game!

Mario: Golf: Super Rush will be coming out on June 25th for the Nintendo Switch.

The overview trailer reveals that there will be 16 characters, including new ones like Chargin’ Chuck and King Bob-omb! New modes for the game will Speed Golf and Battle Golf. There will also be a Golf Adventure mode where you play as a Mii, take part in challenges, boss battles, and more. You can level up your Mii even!

Mario Golf: Super Rush looks really good! The graphics are fantastic. This is absolutely the best Mario Golf has ever looked. And the new characters look amazing, especially King Bob-omb. Speed Golf and Battle Golf look insane. I think they will be a bit challenging, especially Battle Golf.

As an rpg fan though, I have to say I’m most excited about Golf Adventure mode. It is very cool that you’ll have an area to wander around in, interact with characters, taken on challenges, plus creating your own Mii and leveling it up. The skill point allocation screen is pretty cool. I love stuff like that.

There is also online play too. It seems like the newest Mario Golf is going to be packed with content and a must have game for the Nintendo Switch.

Will you be picking up Mario Golf: Super Rush on June 25th?


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