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How to Play Blackjack Like a Pro and Where to Play it Nowadays?

There is one synonymous saying in gambling, only players with cards in front of them get paid. This saying has not been better represented than when you’re trying to hit that magical number in 21. Blackjack is one of the most beloved games on casino floors and continues to be a winner for many. But how do you play blackjack like a pro if you’re just a beginner?

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This article will look at how the pros do it and where you can find a game. So if you’re ready to double down in blackjack, keep reading to learn more.

Blackjack Basics

Blackjack, also called 21, is one of the only casino games players have the best odds of winning. Players sit at a blackjack table and play against the dealer. However, even a single player can play as well, and you don’t have to worry if you find yourself alone at a table.

The dealer will issue cards to you and other players on the table, if any, and themselves. The game’s aim will be to add up your cards to get a tally of 21 or as close to 21, and without going over. Your total should also be higher than any other player’s at the table and the dealer to win.

However, to play the game successfully, you need to master some basics. For example, if the tally of your cards is less than 17, it’s advisable to request another card to increase your chances of getting to 21 or closer. On the other hand, if your total is 17 or more, you may want to keep your hand. But there are the correct terms to use at a blackjack table. These include:

  • Hit- this is a request to the dealer to add another card to your count when your total is too low, which is motioned by a tap on the table.
  • Stand- this is when you like the total of your cards and think that it’s higher than the dealers. You will indicate this by waving your hand on the table without touching it, which will mean you stay.
  • Push- this is when your total is similar to the dealers, which means none of you win or lose.
  • Split- this is when you decide to place an equal bet to your initial bet by splitting the first two cards into individual hands. In essence, this doubles your chances of winning or losing.
  • Double down- similar to a split, it means you will double the original amount you had bet. But unlike a split, you only double your earnings while doubling the amount you stand to lose.
  • Bust- this is similar to losing. It happens when one player has a higher number than the other, or their total exceeds 21.

With these basic terms and concepts, you should be able to sit at a blackjack table with more awareness and confidence.

How to Become a Pro at Blackjack

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Count Cards

This might sound contradicting because counting cards is illegal in most casinos. And if you’re caught counting cards, you will most likely lose your seat at the table. But that’s only if you get caught.

So remember to keep track of all the cards that are no longer in play to assist you in making the right plays. However, do it in your head and don’t make it obvious. Remember, if you want to play at a professional level, you must count cards.

Manage Your Money

Keep track of your earnings and losses and ensure you only take on risks you can tolerate. In addition, never bet more than you can pay and save for a rainy day. Having discipline with your money and only taking on calculated bets will ensure you’re playing blackjack for a long time to come.

Learn to Double Down

When you feel the wind is blowing in your favor, double down and increase your earnings per bet. However, ensure it’s in instances where you have an ace in your pocket or when your chances of going bust are low. This will limit your chances of losing while boosting your bottom line. On the other hand, being conservative with hands you’re uncertain about will help you lose the least amounts.

Put in your 10,000 Hours

Like anything you want to master, you must dedicate the time and energy to learning its ins and outs. You want to move from relying on luck to win to depending on your skills and understanding of the game. Develop your own blackjack strategies or learn existing ones that help high-performing players to win.

Know When to Call it a Night

Many players don’t like to surrender bets even when they have a weaker hand than the dealer. Instead, they opt to continue playing and most likely end up losing. But if you learn to surrender weak hands, you will only lose half the amount you wagered, saving you some money to keep you in the game.

On the other hand, when luck is not on your side and you just can’t seem to keep a winning streak, learn to call it early to mitigate the hemorrhaging. This strategy will save you money and keep you playing for a long time.


Among most casino games, blackjack is probably the easiest one to learn and become successful at for anyone. The concepts are easy to grasp, and you can get good at it with practice. Games are also easy to come by on online forums and casino floors, and you will never lack places to play. So take these pro tips and use them to level up your skills.

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