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How to Monetize Your Gaming Passion?

The global gaming market is valued at around USD 231.34 billion. It’s a huge industry that consists of people who create, promote and sell games — and people who consume and enjoy them. Of course, these two categories overlap. Most professionals who build games also love to play them.

Almost all of them started out with spider solitaire, Freecell and minesweeper in their gaming efforts. Not everyone started out with gambling games or casino games and it should be well noted! If you want to monetize your passion, then it takes learning everything that you can about the professional gaming industry and working forward from there.

However, not every person who’s passionate about gaming and gambling can monetize this hobby. In this article, we’ll tell you how to make money on your favorite pastime, regardless of your age and background.


Ways of Earning Money on Games

In this text, we won’t focus on gambling. Games of chance allow you to win cash when you’re lucky. But losses are inevitable too, so gambling can’t be regarded as a stable source of income. It’s 100% entertainment. Instead, let’s talk about more secure routes.

Learn to Become a Game Developer

If your dream is to become a game developer or game designer, you can complete an online course. Nearly anyone can join such courses without any entrance exams. All the knowledge that you’ll get will have a high pragmatic value. Top courses enable students to compose a portfolio of completed projects that they can show to their potential employers.

On the flip side, good courses are expensive. It’s not the best option for people who don’t like to write code or design things. It doesn’t suit gamers who are happy with their current jobs and don’t want to quit them.

Try Your Hand at Cybersports

In 2021, the prize pool of the Dota 2 International Championship reached USD 40 million. It’s impressive — but this pool is distributed among a tiny group of professional players. Most amateurs win nothing or get modest prizes in local competitions. To become a cool cybersportsman, you should devote years to this occupation — and there will be no success guarantee.

Gaming Streams

In the streaming niche, the situation is the same as in cybersports. Top-performing individuals make a very decent income, while the majority struggle to earn at least a couple of hundred USD per month. Besides, you’ll need to invest in the light, sound, props and your own looks. No matter how talented you are, it will be challenging to gather your initial audience because the competition is too high.


Instead of streaming, you can try to generate other types of content, such as a blog with game-related texts or a podcast. To attract people’s attention to it, you might have to invest a lot of money in marketing.

Buy and Resell In-Game Assets

Axie Infinity used to be a brilliant example of such a business. Filipino players made a living on this crypto game by breeding and selling lovely virtual creatures. Unfortunately, the game’s economy crashed and left many of its members in debt. This method of monetizing your gaming passion is highly unstable and unpredictable.

Join an Affiliate Program

Online casinos and gaming platforms launch affiliate programs to expand their audiences. Shadowbet partners can serve as a worthy example. You’ll be working as an online marketer, informing people about the benefits of the promoted platform. No previous experience is required and you’ll get the promotional materials for free. Your income will depend on the number of new clients whom you bring. Among all the options in this article, it’s the most attractive one for those who’d like to start earning quickly.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy playing games, you can make money in the gaming niche. Joining an affiliate program is the easiest way of earning cash in this sphere. Select a reliable program, read its terms and conditions and feel free to apply!


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