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Hisense Canada Annoucning Big Things

Top 5 selling TV Brand in the United States? Check. Joel McHale opening up your show? Check? Top 5 selling TV brand in the United States? Check. Wait. Yup, you heard that right – Hisense is growing, and growing quickly. We reviewed their Q8G TV last year and really enjoyed it, but where wanting just a bit more from their TV, including the ability to support HDMI 2.1. Did Hisense deliver that today? Let’s take a look!


First things first – a 120 inch Laser TV? Yes please! Although this is a TV you won’t likely see reviewed here, it’s something we will be keeping our eyes on. It looks to provide a cinematic experience you’ve never experienced, and I desperately want to see and view! And bonus – according to Joel McHale, it’s laser system can vaporize human beings from space. We aren’t quire sure what to think about that, or whether that comment is officially sanctioned by Hisense. We feel like it’s not. Hisense’s latest Laser TV is available right now for 4999.99 – we are intrigued.

Hisense is still touting their ULED technology, and although it took me a while to fully understand what ULED means, well…it means a lot of things, most of which is proprietary to Hisense and stuff you won’t find anywhere else. As described by Jerry, ULED is the molding of hardware specs and software capabilities to provide you with a crystal clear, superior image. You can see more in the video below on Hisense’s 2021 TV line-up. We will have a more detailed breakdown soon!


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