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Hamlet Overview (High Level How to Play)

This week is Hamlet week where stores, cafes and sites are showcasing Hamlet across multiple player counts to celebrate the games US retail release! Use the hashtag #hamletweek on various social media platforms as well to see about a few contests that can be entered! Today, we are focusing on an overview of Hamlet, how it plays, and a few things you might want to know before playing. Let’s dive in!


In Hamlet, players are competing with each other to deliver resources to the church and get it built. After all, it’s a key way to turn your hamlet into a small town. A hamlet, after all, is considered a small village without a church. Build a church, and no longer be a hamlet. You all might be nice neighbours in this cozy hamlet, but only one of you can be the lead on church construction, and all the glory and fame that comes with that.

Points in Hamlet are scored in multiple ways. This includes making Church deliveries, constructing buildings, selling goods at the market, building roads, refining materials, gaining milestones and rewards, and creating a strong delivery network using donkeys. Not all are required to be the best in the Hamlet, but they all contribute to the growth in some way. Contribute the most, and win!

The game begins with just a few small boards on the table with a few key locations such as the church build site, the woodcutter, quarry, farm, market, and town hall. These offer the basics of what you will need to get started, but over time you will be adding tiles to the game to offer other opportunities within the hamlet, like refining materials.


As the hamlet begins to grow, players have some control over what is happening. Roads can be built over terrain where roads did not previously exist (I.e. roads printed on tiles). Routes are then created by players to move resources across the hamlet, either to the church for construction, or perhaps the market for sale! Along the way, when players are the first to complete specific tasks, they might earn a milestone or awards!

Play will continue with players building new tiles, constructing routes, using donkeys to move items, earning rewards and more, until the church construction is complete! Whoever has the most points is the winner!


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