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Great Games to Start Playing During Your Downtime

Video games are some of the most entertaining and engaging forms of media available. They are entire communities that have sprung up around the idea of gaming, and these are brilliant communities to get involved with. So if you’re interested in getting involved with video gaming as a hobby, then the best way to get started is to play games during your downtime.

PC Games

If you’re a fan of having a wide range of options and the ability to strongly customize, then PC gaming is a brilliant option. Not only is it the only way that you can build a custom machine to the power that you want, but it is also a fantastic way to give yourself the capability of adjusting the games you are playing as well. A couple great PC games to consider are detailed below.


The Witcher. Possibly one of the greatest RPGs of all time, The Witcher series is an incredibly popular set of games available on the PC. In these games, you take on the persona of Geralt of Rivia, an incredibly capable monster hunter who fights to protect a world that hates him.

Resident Evil. Alternatively, if horror is more your style, then getting involved in games like the Resident Evil series can be a brilliant way to engage with some of the best horror experiences you could ever have. Consistently hailed as some of the best horror games of all time, Resident Evil is truly a shining example of what PC gaming can do.

Heck, even if you don’t want to play traditional video games. That were some brilliant gaming experiences that you can have through the virtue of having a PC. For example, there are plenty of brilliant online casino Australia that you could get involved with by simply popping open a browser on a PC and getting busy.

Console Games

Alternatively, if you prefer a simple plug-and-play approach to video games, then consoles can be a brilliant tool to help you get exactly what you want from gaming. What’s more, there are a range of really amazing games that you can only play on a console.


The Legend of Zelda. One of the best examples of this is The Legend of Zelda, one of the biggest and most well-known videogaming series of all time. The only official way to play these games is to get a Nintendo console.

Tabletop Games

Finally, if you’re not as interested in technology, or if you’re simply looking for options to diversify the way you are gaming, then you might want to consider getting into tabletop gaming. This incredible subcategory of games involves some of the biggest options around when it comes to playing games.


Board Games. If you’re looking for a bit of family fun, then there is nothing better than a board game to get you started. These brilliant games vary in complexity, from Yahtzee to Settlers of Catan and even beyond. Plus, there are so many genres that you are sure to find something that you will really entertain.

TTRPGs. The most well-loved and recognizable TTRPG is likely to be Dungeons and Dragons. However, while Dungeons and Dragons is a wonderful game, this is a widespread and versatile category of games that covers so much more than Dungeons and Dragons alone would suggest.