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Google Surprises with Pixel 7 Details, Announces Pixel 6a

The last thing I thought would come from today’s Google I/O event was anything about a brand new Pixel device. Sure, I sort of assumed we may see something about a Pixel 6a, but not anything about a new generation of Pixel devices. So when the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro popped up on the screen – releasing this fall – I was pleasantly surprised and really excited.


I won’t hide it – although we haven’t reviewed the Pixel 6 device, all the previous Pixel phones have received high marks from us. With a home dedicated to Google products, the Pixel always fit well into our home ecosystem. The fantastic photo taking capabilities also made our vacations so much more enjoyable. We honestly cannot wait for the new Pixel 7!

While more details are coming soon says Google, the updated phone will ship with Android 13, a brand new Tensor chip, and improved cameras. Outside of that, other tech blogs more savy than ourselves have noted that based on what we saw today, not a ton is changing from the Pixel 6. An improved look is something to get excited about, but for now we will need to wait to see what brand new tricks the Pixel 7 is hiding, because we know it is hiding something.

Also announced today was the Pixel 6a, launching this July for just over $500 CAD. The “a’ series of Pixel phones have always been a popular option for those who don’t need the latest tech, but want something that is still somewhat modern. The Pixel 6a proves to once again be that type of device, and will make those not willing to drop the big dollars on the Pixel 7 very happy.



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