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Genres of Gaming: Getting into CRPGs

Of the many genres of gaming, there are few that make the perfect blend of fascinating and inaccessible like the computer role-playing game genre. Known as the CRPG, it is a somewhat strange term as just about every RPG is considered a computer RPG, though the CRPG is different. It is a mix of all the most interesting and mind-bending games of all time in an inconvenient package.


The reason why I say it’s inconvenient is the fact that most people who are used to modern gaming would probably tear their hair out trying to play an old CRPG today. For example, Baldur’s Gate is one of the most decorated RPGs in the entire industry — but most people with modern sensibilities would probably get frustrated with it before long. Here are some ways to get into the CRPG.

Do your research!

It might seem kind of boring to do research on video games to try to enjoy them, but CRPGs are special. They are the grandfathers of some of the most celebrated games of the current generation, which means many people will likely develop a bond with these games by watching a retrospective or two.

The best part? There are so many of these game retrospectives for the old CRPGs that you are spoiled for choice. Even if you might not be into the idea of retrospectives, many of these games are part of gaming history, and they’re generally quite fascinating.

Go for current CRPGs

The next thing to do would be to play the current CRPGs that are making waves in the industry. While that might mean going for Baldur’s Gate 3, I would recommend giving the Divinity series a try. It’s quite an interesting take on the genre with an emphasis on environmental effects. It has many more quality of life improvements compared to older CRPGs, though the classic difficulty is still there.

Current CRPGs still take quite a lot from the pioneers, which means that it would be best to take things one step at a time.

Make sure to take gaming breaks now and again

Gaming breaks aren’t those things where you take a break from gaming — it’s taking breaks from a particular hardcore genre by playing a few relaxing games on the side. It’s never a bad idea to play a few shorter games at the same time, as CRPGs are known to be time-consuming and arduous adventures. By the time you make it halfway in a CRPG game, you’ve probably already made it to Wordscapes level 165 in mobile. The trick is to take everything in moderation and have a bit of fun to ensure that you don’t burn yourself out in the process.

CRPGs have some of the very best games out there, from the Fallout series (the first few anyway) to games considered to be masterpieces such as Planescape Torment, there are quite a few reasons to delve deep into CRPGs. That said, I hope you’re ready since it’s the kind of rabbit hole that goes deep!



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