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Fire Emblem Echoes Review in Progress Part 3: The Sounds

I continue to play Fire Emblem Echoes a lot. I currently have thirty hours on the game and the ending is nowhere in sight. Echoes, like the previous games, is a really well put together game so far. And one of the most impressive parts of the game is the sounds: soundtrack, sound effects, and the voice acting. In part 3 of my Review in Progress, I’ll take a look at the spectacular sounds of Fire Emblem Echoes.

Right away, Fire Emblem Echoes will assault your eardrums.

When I say “assault”, I don’t mean that in a bad way. In fact, I highly recommend you play this game on the New 3DS so that you get the louder sound of that system and don’t miss a single bit of the soundtrack, the voice overs, or the sound effects in battle.

I want to talk about the game’s soundtrack first. Do you see that video at the start of this article? That’s the complete soundtrack of the game. It was uploaded by Dystify on YouTube. When you get the chance, please check out at least some of the soundtrack. From the overworld map music to every bit of the music in cutscenes, battles, and elsewhere, Fire Emblem Echoes always has music that fits the mood and keeps things interesting.

Just as impressive, though, is the game’s sound effects. The battle magic, especially, is a highlight for me. There is one spell that I use a lot that sounds like a rapid-fire gun. I also like a lot of the other sound effects in battle and in the dungeons. I don’t have as much to say about the sound effects as the other sounds in Fire Emblem Echoes, but I continue to be blown away them. And while the soundtrack and sound effects are pretty great, it really is the voice acting in Fire Emblem Echoes that out shines all the other sounds.

The voice acting in Fire Emblem Echoes is fantastic. There is so much voice acting in this game! All of the characters in each army are fully voiced and many of the random villagers you encounter are voiced too. It is a bit jarring when you run into a character in this game that is not voiced! The player just gets so used to hearing all of the characters talk. And for the most part, the voice acting in this game pretty great.

During cutscenes, there is occasionally some over dramatic voice acting. That is really the only complaint I have about the voice acting. All of the normal conversations in this game are extremely well done. At times, especially during the cutscenes, you’ll feel like you’re watching an animated movie. Nintendo really went the extra mile with this game and gave it high quality voice acting. I’m enjoying the game’s story even more because of the voices!

And now it occurs to me that I haven’t talked about the game’s story at all. I’ll be back on Friday to talk about the game’s story and a bit more about the gameplay. Don’t worry about story spoilers! I will keep things as spoiler free as possible.

Stay tuned to for more Fire Emblem Echoes coverage!


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