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Enjoy a Fantastic Magical World with Playmobil Ayuma

One of the better lineups of Playmobil sets to be released over the next little while is based on the fantastic world of Ayuma. Grab your fairies, your knights, and more as you get ready to battle the evil that exists in this world. With so many great sets to choose from, there is no shortage of magical, mystical fun to be had this spring and summer! Here are a few of our most anticipated sets from the complete Ayuma lineup!


Community Tree

Description:  Deep in the enchanted fairy forest stands the mysterious Community Tree. It is not only the dwelling place of the fairies, but also a safe retreat for the magical beings and their friendly soul animals. Each fairy species is represented with its symbol on the Community Tree. The fairies meet in the cosy common room for cheerful chats. To observe the stars, they use the telescope of the observatory. On the wooden platform at the side, the filigree pavilion with its glowing lanterns and cosy cushions and blankets invites to dream. In the Community Tree tower there is a star projector which projects a romantic starry sky onto the ceiling. The faithful soul animals have a snug shelter under the tree root. Here is enough space to eat, play and rest. The playset includes a Crystal Fairy with crystal butterfly, a Knight Fairy with wolf, a Forest Fairy man with lynx, a Community Tree with three levels – kitchen, community room and tree root as well as pavilion, tower room, observatory with telescope, star projector and many more magical extras.

This set looks phenomenal, and although it is easily the most expensive Playmobil set we have written about on the website – at 254.99 CAD – it is easily the most impressive. What’s more, this can be combined with the Ayuma Fairy Hut (see below) for even more possibilities and fun! As with most sets in this price range, the Community Treehouse is a very shareable set, allowing for more than two little tykes to enjoy fun in the sun. This is a set my kids will have a ton of fun with, and should we review, be sure to check back for our thoughts!


Fairy Hut

Description: In the mystical forest, the Forest Fairies and their soul animals feel especially at home. This enchanting Forest Fairy and her beloved companion, the leafy owl, call a cozy Fairy Hut their home. When it’s time to go to sleep, the fairy combs her hair in front of the mirror, takes off her leafy skirt and slips into her warm bed of leaves. The small flower lamp above the bed provides light. Now it’s time to close the door and off to the land of dreams. The playset consists of a Forest Fairy with a leafy owl soul animal, a Fairy Hut with lockable door and glowing flower lantern, a sticker sheet with glittering star stickers and many other enchanting extras. Leaf skirt and belt can be removed. The Fairy Hut can be hung in the children’s room or on the Fairy Community Tree.

As we noted before, the Fairy Hut can be combined with the Community Tree to create an even more impressive central structure for your time in Ayuma. The Fairy Hut is more of a singular attraction, meaning it’s not going to be great for more than one person. We highly recommend combining the Fairy Hut with other Ayuma sets to create the best, most two person+ friendly opportunities available. Still, there is a lot to like about this set, including plenty of accessories for your fairy character, as well as a pet (pet?) owl!


Bat Fairy Ruins

Description: The adventures in Ayuma continue! Just as peace has returned to the fairy forest when the Bat Fairies cause another stir. The mysterious creatures have stolen crystals and are bringing them to their lair: the Bat Fairies Ruin. Thanks to the crystals, light comes into the dark walls, because a flickering light shines through the transparent crystals in the rock wall. The more crystals the Bat Fairy places in the rock, the brighter the light shines. If only there wasn’t that annoying Knight Fairy who keeps trying to retrieve the precious crystals. Should she approach the ruin, she will be greeted with a fire projectile. But for now it is time to sleep. The Bat Fairy turns the chandelier upside down and then hangs upside down on the ceiling, as befits a real Bat Fairy. Her faithful soul animal, the dino, makes himself comfortable in his little shelter. The set includes a Knight Fairy with soul animal warthog, a Bat Fairy with soul animal dino, eight bats, a spider, a Bat Fairies ruin with telescope and crossbow, twelve crystals, plants, vines and boulders and many more magical extras for fantastic play hours. Torches, spider web and fire projectiles glow in the dark. Discover the new unpacking experience: Thanks to numbered bags, the fun begins as soon as you unpack!

Ok, so if you are going to do a deep dive into the world of Ayuma, you need to get some of the “bad guys” too. These crystal stealing fairies hide out and stash their loot at the ruins, in hopes of keeping it out of site of the good fairies. Find a pal and divy up the resources and characters, and go head to head in a magical world, where you get to create the story. As far as imaginative gameplay goes, this might be the cream of the crop!


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