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Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Stream Thoughts

Last night, Square Enix had a Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary stream. I watched it on youtube and I was blown away, especially by one of the surprise announcements! I can’t stop thinking about it. And so now its time to talk about all the games that were shown off last night.

It is the Dragon Quest series 35th anniversary this year and Square Enix celebrated it in style last night. They held a special stream on youtube that talked about upcoming games in the series. The creator of Dragon Quest was there!

What games were shown? Let’s talk about them:

Dragon Quest Puzzle Game: This one is mobile only and its coming to smartphones and tablets. In this game, you use Dragon Quest themed erasers to get rid of drawings. Not a lot else is known yet. It looked neat but I am very unlikely to play it.

Dragon Quest X: Dragon Quest 10 is an online only game. It has never come out in the West and…thats not changing. I thought for a second that they might bring it over here and that hope was quickly dashed with a message on screen saying that its not expected for worldwide release.

Dragon Quest X offline: I was not expecting an offline version of Dragon Quest 10 to be announced. Fans have talked about such a thing but I never thought it would be a reality. Dragon Quest 10 offline has completely different graphics than the online one. The characters are shorter and the graphics are cuter. I thought it looked neat. Square did not say whether it would come to the West. I hope it does!

Dragon Quest III HD-2D: This was the most shocking announcement last night! Square Enix is doing a console remake of Dragon Quest 3. The game will look like Octopath Traveler! In fact, the developer of that game is in charge of this remake. It looks stunning. I want this game now. Square Enix said this one will be a simultaneous release worldwide. YES!

Dragon Quest Treasure: I thought at first this one was a new Dragon Quest Monsters. It is not. Instead it is a brand new game called Dragon Quest Treasure. It is a console game that will also see simultaneous release worldwide. DQ Treasure stars Erik from Dragon Quest 11 and his sister. The game is focused on their backstory and collecting treasure. It looks really good.

Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate: The final announcement of the stream was Dragon Quest 12, the next installment in the mainline Dragon Quest series. A logo was the only thing shown for the game. No footage at all. The creator of Dragon Quest did say the game would be for adults, would change the battle system some, and players would be in charge of their fate. Since no footage was shown, its likely this one is a ways off. I’m not sure how to feel about any of the revealed new elements. Time will tell.

No release dates or specific consoles were revealed for any of these games. Though it is likely that Dragon Quest III HD-2D and Dragon Quest Treasure will make it out this year. Also its extremely likely they will be on the Nintendo Switch. I’m unsure if they will be PS4/Switch or just Switch at launch. Hopefully we’ll hear more about these two games at E3!

Overall, I loved this anniversary stream. I am especially excited for the Dragon Quest 3 remake!

What did you think of last nights stream? Will you be picking up any of these games?


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