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Bird Game+ Review

First there was Journey, then there was Flower and there’s…Bird Game+?! Wait, what am I talking about? I’m talking about games that go beyond just simple fun. Basically games that are artistic and beautiful. Bird Game+ fits into that category. But is it a game that you’ll want to spend a lot of time with? Here is my review of Bird Game+ for the Nintendo Switch.


Bird Game+ is a very unique experience for the Nintendo Switch. Right from the first moment you play it, you’ll realize that the game is more focused on its artistic design aka graphics than its gameplay. Yes, the gameplay is neat, but its the game’s graphics really make Bird Game+ worth a download.

So lets talk about the graphics first. Bird Game+ looks like pencil drawings brought to life. The game is completely is black and white and everything is drawn in. The game is beautiful and well put together. I did notice sometimes that the main character, a bird, would fly through (supposedly solid) objects but this glitch is not too distracting.

As for its gameplay, Bird Game+ is a flight based game. You play as bird who travels through levels where it has to avoid objects in its way. The controls work well for the most part. Bird Game does have motion control support and they work fine, but I prefered the regular analog controls.

The game’s graphics are better than its gameplay. The gameplay is simple and probably would be better played in small doses. Thank goodness that the normal mode has checkpoints and save points. The endless mode is good if you want to try and see how far you can get before dying.

I do wish the bird’s health bar was better placed on the screen. Its barely visible at the bottom of the screen.

Overall, I really like Bird Game+. It may not be as well known as Flower or Journey, but people who loved those games should check it out. Sometimes games are art too.

Bird Game+ gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Thanks to Ratalaika Games for providing a digital code for this review. Bird Game+ is out now on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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