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A Complete OSRS Guide For Newbies

OSRS has gained popularity for a long time. Despite its age, it was considered a classic; it’s been growing and has recently made its way into iOS and Android smartphones, expanding the number of players and accessibility. More than ever, gamers visit Gielinor to enjoy the thrills of multiplayer gaming that is massively multiplayer.

blank But, underneath its basic images lies a complex system of methods and mechanisms that novice players don’t always explain. If you’re struggling to comprehend OSRS’s numerous operation strategies. Here are some strategies for newbies to get started and understand the basics of the OSRS.

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Essential Quests For Newbies

After completing the detailed instructions, you’ll be transported to Lumbridge. There are plenty of chances. But the best method to learn the intricacies of Old School RuneScape is to accomplish a few tasks. They are fun while also helping you gain essential knowledge. They also provide you with crucial concepts of characters, locations, and other areas that you’ll need to research. Some of them have special requirements for specific skills, which means you’ll have the opportunity to learn about cooking, woodworking or fishing, or more importantly, some knowledge.

Players are not charged to play and can take on a variety of quests to choose from. However, we suggest that new players begin by reading the following topics:

  • Cook’s Assistant is a simple-to-follow and classic guide to lead you through the culinary world.
  • Waterfall Quest (members) The player needs to improve her skills several times before attempting this quest. It’s nevertheless an excellent opportunity to earn XP. It’s an excellent opportunity to complete one of the more challenging quests on OSRS.
  • The big Tree (Members) offers an excellent opportunity to earn points. It’s an excellent chance to learn how to safeguard yourself from harm, i.e., employing weapons in a safe zone to shield yourself from attacks from adversaries.
  • There are a few Sword of the Knight food items, but completing the quest will reward you with lots of Forge XP and will be a perfect start to exploring the lively Falador town.

Additionally, many of the free quests provide a great start to exploring the realm of Old School RuneScape. Spend a few minutes browsing the available quests and picking a few you like. You’ll finish them in less than a minute, and you’ll have earned the sought-after rune platebody.

Begin To Examine And Adventure

If you’re a brand new OSRS player, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of specific adventures. Contact Adventurer Jon located just north of Lumbridge. He’ll assign you a few tasks to help you understand all the beauty of Gielinor. There’s no better way to pick an intriguing one and finish the task. It’s an excellent chance to learn about the different elements of OSRS and receive specific equipment designed for beginners.


Examine The Locations

An MMORPG can only be as excellent as its experience in the open world. OSRS has been ranked one of the most sought-after markets. You’ll be pulled in many directions if you’re new to the game. Take a look at the areas below, and each one has a variety of quests and NPCs to talk with.

  • Lumbridge
  • Varrock
  • Falador
  • Al Kharid
  • Draynor Village
  • Port Sarim
  • Village of Seers
  • Ardougne
  • The great Kurland Kingdom

The Capability To Concentrate

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Certain quests require the level of skill required before you can start. If you cannot complete all of the quests or want an enjoyable way to unwind by playing OSRS, you can gain various abilities. There’s an unquestionably “best” way to level your character. Instead, pick the area of interest to you and work on it.

Old School RuneScape allows players to achieve the highest levels of their capabilities. There’s no need to be concerned about losing the abilities that you’ve got while progressing. If you’re trying to earn fast money for a brand new player, you should focus on the following three areas:

  • Sin
  • wood-cutting
  • Mining

We suggest attacking strength, attacking, and defence in this particular way to improve your skills in fighting. It is vital to select the right weapons appropriate to your stage. This will lead to an immense boost in the amount of damage you can take and increase your XP gain rate.

Understand Master AFK Skill


AFK abilities have been an essential element in games. The AFK ability lets your character move far from your mobile or computer. Specific abilities are better suited to this task than others. For instance, hunting and cutting wood are two of the most popular tasks that allow you to do a couple of minutes of work with one click.

It also aids in fighting skills when you’re faced with a ferocious foe or if you aren’t. Free-to-play players have access to the Fortress of Safety in the Barbarian Village to take on Flesh Crawlers. On the other hand, players can take on the Rock Crabs that lie to the north of Rellekka. In both instances, the mobs will become familiar with their surroundings and stop fighting within a short time. You can leave and then return to this scenario, and they’ll come after you once more.

Begin Your Journey Towards Millionaires With The Grand Exchange

You can also earn money selling unwanted items or other items to an NPC. The most efficient way to earn OSRS gold in-game is to use the Grand Exchange. Grand Exchange is a vast market for players. Select the item you wish to sell and select the best price or market value to put the item for auction. Other players will be able to purchase the items. Prices are typically higher than what they can offer an NPC.

It may take some time; however, once you’ve honed your ability to collect the data, you’ll be able to earn money from the Grand Exchange. It’s also an excellent method to find things that aren’t easily accessible or accessible to a limited number of people across.


Whatever you decide to do or the pace you’re moving at, It’s important to keep in mind that there’s no correct or incorrect method to play OSRS. Old school RuneScape describes itself as a Sandbox MMO, allowing you to explore the world. Be a Quest Champion or get the most of the game’s capabilities to benefit from the Grand Exchange to buy Cheap RuneScape Gold. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you follow the game’s creators’ rules.