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iRobot announced iRobot OS

Today, iRobot announced iRobot OS, an evolution of the company’s Genius Home Intelligence platform. If you’ve been following the site for a while now, you know how much we’ve enjoyed the various iRobot models we have been able to review. Both the i7+ and the j7+ have performed really well in our home, and both are still actively roaming our floors on a daily basis.


There are things we don’t love, and hopefully a new AI system will be just what our robots need to become even better cleaners! Check out the details below:

Through its superior intelligence, iRobot OS ensures its robots get smarter and clean more effectively over time, taking on new features and personalized capabilities to benefit customers. Already enabling over 2.7 million cleaning missions every day around the world, iRobot OS stand out features include:

  • More Pet Features: The iRobot OS powered Roomba j7 and j7+ robot vacuums avoid pet accidents while Child & Pet Lock and Keep Out Zone features, along with intelligent suggestions like recommended cleaning schedules during pet shedding season, make it the #1 choice for pet owners as they’re built with more pet features than any other robot.
  • Has Recognized and Avoided More Objects Than Any Other Robot: The iRobot OS powered Roomba j7 and j7+ robot vacuums have detected more than 43 million objects in people’s homes. With a computer vision platform that is currently able to recognize over 80 common objects, iRobot OS will continue enabling the Roomba j7 Series to identify and avoid even more objects in the future.
  • Understands More Voice CommandsWith approximately 600 supported Alexa® and Google Assistant® commands, and Siri Shortcut Integration, iRobot OS understands more voice commands than any other robot cleaner. iRobot OS powered robots can clean specific rooms using voice and are the only robots that can be told to clean specific areas like around the couch.

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