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Welcome to Paradise: A Look At Castaway Paradise for Nintendo Switch

A storm hits and your boat is destroyed. You wash up on a shore and finish yourself surrounded by animals. Welcome to Castaway Paradise for the Nintendo Switch! The game is out today. Here are my early impressions of it.


Castaway Paradise takes place on an island full of animals. Sound familiar? It might but this game is only slightly like Animal Crossing. It actually shares more in common with Harvest Moon. Just like Harvest Moon: you grow crops, build relationships, fish, do quests, and develop your town.

Yes you have animals as your neighbors. And the game takes place slightly on real time clock. There is no in-clock but you do get rewarded for playing the game every day. Crops and trees grow in a fast Harvest Moon like way though.

Castaway Paradise is similar to other simulation games but it has its own unique flavor too. The graphics are like a cartoon and Minecraft had a baby. The game is definitely not as polished looking as Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon (or Story of Seasons) but it is cute!


The gameplay has you doing a lot of quests for your neighbors, lots of fetching and learning how to live on the island. You can also fish, hunt bugs, grow crops and trees, shop, and more.

Right now the island is limited to a small space but I am working on getting one of the bridges open so I can explore more of the island. The fetch quests are fairly easy so far and I like the game’s relaxed play at your own pace manner. Its also nice that the game will give you rewards for playing every day, though it doesn’t seem pushy. Fishing isn’t as easy as Animal Crossing but its not as hard as some games I’ve seen. Bug hunting is easier. Overall the game isn’t too hard and its pretty relaxing.

Castaway Paradise is a really charming game. The dialogue in it is good and sometimes funny. I’m enjoying the gameplay so far and can’t wait to see what else Castaway Paradise has to offer.

My review for this game isn’t ready yet but if you want to check out Castaway Paradise for the Nintendo Switch, you can do so today!

Please keep an eye on for more coverage of Castaway Paradise, including our review of the game.

Thank you to rokaplay for providing a digital code for this review. Castaway Paradise will be out today (4/29) for the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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