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Top Playtech Slots Found at the Best Bitcoin Casinos

Playtech is one of the most famous game providers available globally. They offer online services for some of the best Bitcoin casinos all over the world. Provision of games, software, and other fantastic technologies are the sole responsibilities of the Playtech company.


Moreover, they offer their affiliated casinos the latest game designs and complete security. We will now explore the beautiful features of Playtech and the very top slots you can find in bitcoin casinos to get the best Playtech slot experience.

Features of Playtech Slots

Many features make Playtech stand out among other software providers globally. These features are also solid reasons why major gambling casinos are now in partnership with this software provider. First, however, let’s see some of these fantastic features:

  • Progressive Jackpots

Although Playtech doesn’t have the largest progressive jackpot slot market like the Microgaming software company, it is still one of the best progressive slot providers. An example of a Playtech game with an advanced slot feature is the Age of the Gods slot, which has a range of many places and Roulette games. Moreover, Playtech provides a single jackpot tier that works multiple games on the highest level.

  • Sticky Wins

Sticky Wins lock is slots that retain the wild or winning symbols for several respins. Moreover, The reels of these slot games continue spinning until the winning characters are no longer available in the reels.

This particular feature is not available only on Playtech games. Other slot providers like Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Play’n Go, and many more also offer games with this feature. However, Playtech has the top best games with sticky wins features such as Jack Hammer 1 and 2.

  • Licensed Slots

Playtech company games have legal licenses and authorization from significant commissions. For example, Playtech made a deal with Disney to create a trend of games that centres around the Marvel characters and their environment. These games make up the superhero slot machine category and restructure progressive in the gambling industry.

Most of the superhero slot games focus on the story of Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, and many more. In addition, these slot machines have the latest upgrade. Every time there is a new  Marvel movie, a new film slot is set up with the film details to draw people’s attention. Moreover, Playtech frequently renews its license when the years stated on the deal run out.

  • Affiliation with Lots of Smaller Developers

It is normal for big companies to have affiliations with smaller ones for fast development by giving them the role of retailers. However, iGaming affiliations of big companies like Playtech with smaller developers help increase such companies; this method improves a developer’s reach and gives growing opportunities.

Top Playtech Slots

The Playtech industry has produced several slot games with unique designs and features for many years. First, however, we will discuss the top Playtech slot games on Bitcoin casinos.

  • The Age of the God’s Series

With four massive progressive jackpots and a trend of many excellent features, the Age of the Gods series stands at the very top of Playtech’s slot games.

It is a superhero-themed slot machine with symbols of Greek Gods, Titans,  and other ancient heroes from notable mythology. As time went on, the Playtech company evolved, and there were inventions of games based on Nordic mythology.

One exciting feature of the Age of the god’s slots machine is that they offer gamblers the opportunity to win with single spins. Moreover, players who hope to win big have a chance of winning progressive jackpots that pay Bitcoin worth thousands to millions of dollars.

  • Kingdoms Rise

Another excellent software of the Playtech company with various features is the “kingdom rise.” It provides new displays and exciting themes. Compared to the Age of Gods, which has ancient mythology symbols in an old-fashioned way, this game promotes these characters in a modern setting.

Moreover, Kingdom Rise also links all its games in a single universe. It has features like the map icon that helps players locate a significant part of the Kingdom’s Rise universe, primarily in desert kingdoms where directions are essential. In addition, each area of kingdom rise has a particular accessible slot attached to it.

Another exciting feature of the kingdom rise slot is a “Shop” selling option with fantastic rewards. Moreover, players can benefit from one game and use it in another.

Playtech sets a fantastic record for creating a wide variety of technical and interconnected slots like the kingdom Rise. Moreover, it has promising abilities to produce many more slot games with similar themes and features shortly.

  • Sporting Slot Machines

When we refer to any game as a Playtech slot, people always think of marvel superheroes-themed slots. However, it will interest you that they have a license from Marvel and have deals with DC Entertainment, meaning their games feature superheroes like Batman, Flash, Superman, and many more.


However, the slot games offer not only superheroes themed slots. They have jumped onto the world of sports while featuring athletes and popular sports films. Famous athletes the Playtech slot has entertained include Rocky and Frankie Dettori.

  • Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Switching to the world of comedy, Life of Brian is one of the best comedy slot games in the world. It is the property of the Playtech company with license and unique features. Its visuals display wild Pythons with soundbites and great bonus symbols from the movie.


However, gamblers can experience the best reptile slot game with this comic masterpiece. It also features scenes of Brian’s Mother and a soundtrack by Eric Idle as it is in the movie.

  • Big Bad Wolf

Big bad wolf by Quickspin, a division of Playtech company, is another classic-themed slot with an exciting display and fantastic features. It works like the classic Chain Reaction, where gaming operations allow winning symbols to fade off and new ones replace them.


However, whenever these winning symbols disappear, it is replaced by a multiplier which prompts more Wilds to appear on the reels. An example of its characters is the wilds are symbols of three little pigs from the famous fairy tale.

  • Halloween Fortune

Halloween fortune is the last Playtech casino game on our list. However, it is one of the most exciting games in the slot industry as it features a spooky season with colourful witches and many other Halloween-related events.