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The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 2


From the names of her kids to more revealing flashbacks, Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: Michonne is not quite as good as the first episode, but still provides a great experience for The Walking Dead fans. However, like the first episode, if you don’t care about Michonne, there is a good chance you might not care about this string of releases. That being said…who doesn’t like Michonne! Lets take a look at Episode 2: Give No Shelter.

The Walking Dead super fans will drool over all of the Michonne flashbacks, including the ones that finally name her two children,¬†Elodie and Colette. Frankly, it doesn’t get my blood going or get me super excited, but for some reason, my wife was really ecstatic about this, with a “I love getting her backstory” type of reaction. To each their own, I suppose, but at the same time, its great to see even this little detail included. But back to what makes Michonne, well, Michonne: being a grade A bad ass.

There is lots of quick action early on to get you right back into Michonne’s shoes, and while this level of action is not consistent throughout, it is a pretty good way to start the episode. As always, you are provided with lots of choices throughout, none that appear bigger than whether or not you will kill a specific prisoner or use him as a bargaining chip later. This seems like a huge decision, but as many outlets have pointed out – most recently GameRant – the preview for Episode 3 shows you toe-to-toe with prisoner’s comrades. So, I wonder how much this decision will matter?

All the “staples” of a Telltale game are still here. Great audio, stellar voice acting, and outstanding visuals. It is the one company that can pump out the same looking game time after time and people will accept it. It really is that good.

You can read our review of Episode 1 here.


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