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Super Dungeon Maker – Release Date Announcement Trailer

Ever since Super Mario Maker came out, people have wanted Nintendo to do a Zelda dungeon maker. Nintendo has been very quiet about that. Too quiet. And we may never see that. However, a new indie game is coming that fans of Zelda might want to check out. Super Dungeon Maker let’s you create your own dungeons and its coming out soon! Check out the release date announcement trailer and our thoughts on the game.

Super Dungeon Maker is coming out on the Nintendo Switch on May 3rd. The game will let players create their own dungeons and they can even share them online. You’ll be able to download other people’s dungeons too!

As someone who is a fan of games like Super Mario Maker, Chicken Wiggle (on the 3DS), and Dreams (PS4), I think Super Dungeon Maker looks great. I love how easy it looks to create dungeons: placing enemies, traps, treasures, and more. And best of all, we can download other people’s dungeons! You just know that there will be some really talented people who create amazing dungeons with this game.

Super Dungeon Maker will likely be a must download for Zelda fans and fans of creation games. And its coming out very soon! May 3rd is right around the corner.

What do you think of Super Dungeon Maker? Will be downloading it?


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