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Say No! More

No! I won’t do an introduction to this review of Say No! More, an indie game for Nintendo Switch. Read the article!


Say No! More is…a unique game.

Okay I’ll try to explain…

You play as an intern who starts working in an office. You know about interns right? Most of them are unpaid but sometimes they get paid. I suspect the intern you are playing is unpaid. Anyway, a lot of people treat him (or her) bad. So you get ’em back by saying No! You say no a lot.

Basically saying No is the gameplay. You can clap, laugh, and some other things, but for the most part you say no by pressing the A button. You do not control your character’s walking. The intern is on rails.

There isn’t a whole lot to the game. You can create your character at the beginning and pick in what language they say no. The story isn’t very long. I think you could beat the game in a day. It is not a hard game. There is no game over. You just keep saying No!

Say No! More is a weird game, yes, but I think there’s an audience for it. I enjoyed the game for sure. I do wish you could skip cutscenes when you go back to play the game again.


That said, there really isn’t much of a reason to play the game again other than to hear the intern say no in a different language. That is pretty funny. Is it worth the replay for that alone? I’ll let you judge that.

Say No! More is a really silly game. Its also a fun game. I suspect people who work in offices will especially find the game cathartic. Also the DARE program would be proud.

Say No! More gets a NO! out of NO!

Thanks to Plan of Attack for providing a review code for this game. Say No! More will be available today (4/9) on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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