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My Figures a Huge Step for Playmobil

Over a month ago, Playmobil reached out to let us know they were launching a brand new line of Playmobil figures called, My Figures. With My Figures, Playmobil was giving children around the world the opportunity to create their own figures using a wide array of character pieces, instead of just accepting pre-created characters. This would allow consumers to create characters that were more representative of themselves. We looked at two of the My Figures sets last week, and had some mixed feelings (mostly positive, minimally negative)!


Off the top, I need to stress how amazing it is that young fans can create their own Playmobil characters. They can take a handful of pieces and create characters that represent them. While other companies have provided opportunities for kids to mix and match pieces for years, Playmobil hasn’t – until now. That alone makes this lineup of sets a big win, and I’m here for it.

That being said, the My Figures: Rescue Mission comes off as a bit of a timid release. I love the included water system that allows you to shoot water at the windows on the house, “getting rid of the fire.” I was disappointed, however, to find out that the house was just a facade – I was hoping for a full house that my kids could play in with the characters, and although that would have come at a higher price, I think that is something people would appreciate.

The other My Figures set we looked at was much more promising, but also because it fit in with the themes that my 4 year old Lincoln loves: Country and horses! This set is much better, includes a number of different animals, and a complete pen with 4 walls.

No facades on this set! Lincoln briefly played with the My Figures: Rescue Mission, but has played with the My Figures: Horse Ranch daily since he opened it. I think it’s because no corners were cut with this set, it feels like a complete set. I get it, I know that the Rescue Mission set comes with a really cool water system that will be fun for many. The inclusion of that great accessory meant other things needed to be cut. So, we got a facade house instead of a real one.

I’m usually always positive with Playmobil, and I’m going to emphasize here that I think the My Figures lineup of Playmobil sets is a major win for the company, and the fans. I just wish all the sets were more like the My Figure: Horse Ranch and less like the My Figure: Rescue Mission. Either way, you win with the customizable figures!


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