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More Thoughts From Me: Indie World Showcase Return Is Not Bad

Today’s Indie World Showcase is over and…well…it wasn’t too bad. Let’s talk about it!

The Indie World Showcase today was not too bad. It wasn’t great either to be honest. There were some big standout games that we have to talk about though!

First of all, cowabunga dude! I was surprised to see a TMNT game during today’s Indie World Showcase. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Spintered Fate is not a sidescrolling beat ’em up. Instead, its an overhead roguelike where you collect loot, upgrade your characters, and take on different random generated levels every time. There’s even online co-op multiplayer! It looked pretty good.

Another stand out was Cat Quest 3. I love the look of the map and sailing on a boat. There’s local co-op too. This game looks great and I can’t wait to check out the demo for it today. If its as good as it looks, I’ll make sure to share my impressions of it.

Europa looked good too. I loved the graphics and the gameplay looked a lot of fun too. This game will getting a demo today too!

Yars Rising was leaked right before the Indie World Showcase happened but it was cool to see the trailer and the extra gameplay of it. It looks like so much fun. I like the look of the old school looking hacking mini-game.

The best game of the Indie World Showcase! Steamworld Heist 2 features action strategy combat with robots

That’ll teach ’em

My favorite game in the Direct though? The final game! Steamworld Heist 2!!! I was not expecting that at all. I loved the first game and this one looks even better. I like the bigger characters and instead of space, you are sailing around on a boat and get to control it. It looked like you can go underwater too. The leveling up and collecting weapons and hats (again!)  looked great. I’m so excited for this one.

Yes, there are a lot of okay looking games in this one, but the big cool games that I just mentioned really saved this one from being a total loss. I would say it was not a bad Indie World Showcase. We’ve seen much worse!

I can’t wait to play these games. Oh wait. Wait. The cat game at the beginning looked cool too. There may even be other games that I’m forgetting. This one was packed with games as usual.

What games did you like in today’s Indie World Showcase?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Can’t believe we got a TMNT and Steamworld game out of this one!


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