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More Thoughts From Me #267: Another Tales

Another column, another PS Now game. This time I want to talk about Tales of Zestiria. In another column, I talked about a previous Tales of game called Tales of Vesperia which I enjoyed. What do I think of Tales of Zestiria?


I think I like Tales of Zestiria more than Tales of Vesperia.

Look, both of these games are good but so far Tales of Zestiria really has me hooked more than Vesperia.

So whats so different about this Tale Of game?

First of all, I think the graphics are even better than Vesperia. The characters, especially, are well designed. I like all the areas you explore so far too though I think I’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg with Zestiria.

It still feels like early days this game. I don’t think I have my complete party yet. The personalities in the game, especially the two people that most of the NPCs don’t see, are very good.

I like the story too. Its epic in scope and feels like its just ramping up and not in a hurry yet. There are plenty of character moments and some interesting hints as to where the game might be going. There’s a lot of mystery in Zestiria and I can’t wait to see whats revealed in the future.

I also like the combat in this game more than previous Tales of games I’ve played. I hear its harder on other modes. I’m playing on simple mode and yes its simple combat but I like it a lot. Its very easy and quick to get in and out of battles. Exploring towns and dungeons are fun too. The town I’ve been in a lot is pretty big and the dungeons are amazing, filled with enemies, items, and puzzles. I think the only minor complaint I can say is that the dungeons look pretty similar to each other visually so far. Hopefully that changes later on.

Overall Tales of Zestira is great game so far. It streamed well to my system via PS Now but I’m glad I went ahead and downloaded it so I wasn’t always using the internet to play it.

I plan to play Tales of Zestira more and maybe I’ll even write about it again in the future. Who knows!

What do you think of Tales of Zestira?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Tales of Vesperia is still a really good game though.


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