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Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters First Thoughts

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are on the Nintendo Switch now! And, guess what, we’re reviewing them. Thank you Square Enix for providing us with a review code for these games. So what do we think of the Pixel Remasters so far?


There have been so many different versions of Final Fantasy 1-6. I had played some of the games on the NES/SNES, but it wasn’t until the PlayStation 1 that I played them a lot. Those versions just had new CGI cutscenes, but otherwise were true to the originals. And I’ve played other versions since then. I like these games a lot.

So when I got Final Fantasy 1-6 the Pixel Remaster bundle for review, I was floored. I was so happy. Thankfully, so far, the game’s live up to my hype.

The Pixel Remaster versions have updated graphics from previous versions I’ve seen. This is especially obvious with Final Fantasy 5 and 6. Those two games look amazing. That said, 1, 2, 3, and 4 look very good too. If you’ve ever played the original Final Fantasy 1-3, then you’ll realize just how huge the upgrades are there. I still think five and six look the best though.


Much cooler than the visual update is the new features that have been added to these games. Being able to turn random encounters off and on whenever you want (for the most part) is such a great update. I love it. Its fun to explore dungeons now without random battles and to be able to fight battles near a town and then turn them off when I want to. Plus you can get more money and experience from battles too.

I also love the new music. Its great that the original music is included but the new arranged music is just so good. I’m loving it.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are absolutely a treat for me. I’m having so much fun playing these games!

Next week, I’ll have my full review of the Pixel Remasters. I also may do another article about Final Fantasy 6, which I know has some pretty epic visual upgrades. Stay tuned to for more on the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters!

Thanks again to Square Enix for providing a review code. The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are out now for the Nintendo Switch!


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