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Endless Ocean Luminous – Official Overview Trailer

Endless Ocean Luminous is coming out for the Nintendo Switch on May 2nd, 2024. Here’s the overview trailer for the game, along with some thoughts from us on it.

Endless Ocean Luminous looks really good! For fans of games like Animal Crossing and sims, this game gives you a chance to get up close and personal with fish. There are also cool ruins, boats, and such to explore too. The part of the region thats randomly generated sounds pretty cool.

And the online multiplayer! Wow. You can play with 30 people online. Hopefully the online works really well and a lot of people play this game. It would be amazing to explore the ocean with that many people. You can also go with Dive buddies and there are unique missions to take on. Sounds like there will be events to take part in too.

It looks like Endless Ocean will be a very unique game for Nintendo Switch. Its amazing all the different types of games that this system has. Its such a great library of games!

Will you be checking out Endless Ocean Luminous in May?


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