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Escape From Tarkov: The Unsung Hero of FPS Games

Escape From Tarkov 1

While most of us can agree that no game has achieved perfection (that is, if we don’t let our nostalgia bias our opinions), luckily for us, developers have not stopped trying to reach it. One such developer is the Russian-based indie, Battlestate Games. This team has undertaken one of the most ambitious projects I have ever seen with their tactical FPS, Escape From Tarkov.

While EFT was first released to closed alpha in December 2016, the game is still in its infancy. It is certainly playable in its current state (the subreddit has just shy of 100,000 members, so there is a serious community behind this game), but it is by no means a finished product.

Tarkov is a “hardcore” shooter in development that comes with both the positives and negatives, making it a really enjoyable romp. This isn’t a relaxing game because it’s somewhat notorious.

Escape from Tarkov is a challenging survival game that takes the battle royale rules. You need to select what you need in each “raid” to complete quests, kill enemy players, and loot valuable items. You also need to handle a robust medical system, simulating pain, fractures, dehydration, and the effects of starvation.

The roadmap for this game is, as mentioned previously, extraordinarily ambitious. Aside from the most impressively thorough weapon modification systems to ever be seen in a game (I mean, I would not be surprised if I have spent as much time piecing together weapons as using them), the game features a whole host of features that may revolutionize the FPS genre.

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One of these features is the loot/trade system that is slowly but surely being fleshed out. The traders are a series of NPCs that you must complete quests with to gain loyalty and unlock better equipment for purchase. You can also make numerous barter trades for items you find as you are raiding around Tarkov.

There are far too many aspects of EFT to go into detail but suffice it to say that the frequent patches and major additions by the devs are always heavily anticipated and thoroughly game-changing.

It seems that the good folks over at BSG have no intent to slow down, consistently collecting user data, improving their anti-cheat to reduce hackers, adding new weapons, items, maps, enemies and so much more.

The Shoreline map is vast and entering it without basic knowledge means will likely leave you in a deserted beach. So, it pays off using a shoreline map guide for an extensive opportunity to experience intense battles. I find this guide really helpful.

The challenges you’ll face when playing Escape from Tarkov can be fun and stressful at the same time. Surviving can be difficult for beginners because of Scavs and multiple hostile players hunting you, challenging deep thinkers.

That’s why you need to know where to locate the health resort, the power plant, villas, village, gas station, the Scav island, the bus terminal, and the weather station. Once you know where to locate them, you’ll surpass the challenges and more likely win the game.

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I fully believe that if Escape From Tarkov, under the unwavering guidance of Battlestate Games’ dream, can piece together what they have expressed to their fans on paper, it will become the single greatest shooter game of all time (if it isn’t already).

I highly urge you all to check out and consider checking out the game! Please note: The game is still in beta, which means it is prone to massive changes, bugs and exploits. I promise you that if you can take the bad with the good, you will find a truly unique experience that will change how you look at all other FPS games.


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