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Disney Dreamlight Valley Developer Update (video)

Disney Dreamlight Valley shared a developer update today via a video. We have that below along with our thoughts on the upcoming content for the game.

Oh my. Wow. This developer update floored me. First, let’s talk about the free content.

Daisy Duck will be joining with the free update and she’ll bring with her a new building where you can share your designs (think Able Sisters Animal Crossing fans). Not only that but the update will bring new multiplayer content too!

We’ll finally be able to use our tools while visiting friends. That means we’ll be able fish (and mine) with friends. Also they’ll be updating photo mode too so you can take cool selfies with friends while you visit.

Of course the most exciting part of this developer update is about the paid DLC. The second update for the Rift In Time DLC will be coming out on the same day. With the update, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit will join and a new part of the Rift story will be told.

Oswald looks amazing! He’s all in black and white. You know what’s also cool? His house is in black and white and looks like an old school movie theater. Wow. Some of the nearby animals will also turn black and white too. This looks so cool.

The free update and the paid update are both coming out next Wednesday, May 1st. I’m so ready. Are you?


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