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Dandy & Randy Launching Next Week

Who wouldn’t want to play a game called Dandy & Randy? The name alone sells the game, right? Well if not, we have all the details below on what you can expect when this title hits PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch next week!


Here is a bit from the development team on what to expect when you load up Randy & Dandy!

Dandy and Randy are two archeologists who owe a ton of money to a huge bank. They’re on the brink of bankruptcy, until one day they get a promotional flyer mentioning riches in a faraway island. They have no other option but to check it out!

This game is all about finding that next item that will help with further exploration and game progression. Stuck somewhere? You might be missing the necessary tool to keep moving. What’s even better, if you get really stuck, why not bring in a cooperative partner to help you out! That’s right, Randy & Dandy has it a complete cooperative mode that you can enjoy with a friend! How cool is that?

Grab goodies like a boomerang that allows the players to stun enemies and can also be used to grab health pickups and coins from afar. Find a hammer to break stones, allowing the players to find more money and open up paths. Hookshot – With a hookshot the players are able to cross dangerous swamp areas. Best of all running shoes makes the players run faster, helping avoid dangerous situations and solve quick puzzles. So much to do so look out!

We are looking forward to this one on Nintendo Switch, and should have some coverage next week! Until then, get excited for more indie goodness! Are you planning on picking up Randy & Dandy on your console of choice?


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