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Creative SBS E2900 Bluetooth Speaker System

It is no secret that we are huge fans of Creative products at, having reviewed a ton (perhaps all?) of their products over the past few years. A few months back, they reached out again with the opportunity to review the Creative SBS E2900 Bluetooth Speaker System with subwoofer, and of course we jumped at the opportunity. This competitively priced system looks like a great addition to any computer or gaming setup, but does it work well enough, and can it compete with the big-kids in the marketplace that are more expensive? Let’s take a look!


When the package arrived, we were once again impressed with how Creative packages their products. Everything was incredibly secure and easy to get out of the box – so often I’ve found electronics too tightly packed, and I either hurt myself trying to get the products out of the boxes, or hurt my product! Getting the system all setup was also relatively simple. All I had to do was hook the power up, and plug in the two side speakers and I was good to go. It should be noted that the speaker does come with an included AUX cord to hook up your smart phone (if compatible) or your PC. We generally always used the Bluetooth setting, however. To connect to Bluetooth, we simply had to hold down the power button to put it into pairing mode and then the system paired right away to my phone, as well as my computer. Simple and efficient, a trademark of most Creative products.

But now to look at how they perform. For the price of them, they are great on a budget, don’t expect to be getting great bass with them. That being said, for listening to mellow music that doesn’t require much bass, it is just short of fantastic. When listening to rap or other genres I find that the quality dips off a bit, but that could be just a matter of adjusting the bass/ treble settings that I am unfamiliar with – as most know, we aren’t necessarily audiophiles at GamesReviews, but rather attempt to give opinions from an average consumer!

It would have been better if the two side speakers had a little bit longer cords; currently there is not enough room to mount them nicely on the sides of my desk which is not overly big. The side speakers also have no way to mount them on anything, which means you either have to make your own mount, or just have them on a desk. With most streamers and gamers wanting cleaner looking desks in today’s day and age, the speakers do not do them any favours in that regard. It’s not a deal breaker, especially at the price, but it is worth noting if that is of a particular concern to you!

The main speaker only has stands to be stood up straight, there is nothing to put it on its side in order to conserve space. I would have liked to have it on its side with my monitor above it, but the way it is orientated, it must be stood up. This makes it rather tough to put on a desk and make it look nice.

There are a few other features that may go unnoticed, but definitely opens these speakers up to a larger audience! You can connect to radio stations for in a work place, and you can also upload music via an SD card which is interesting feature, although one that Creative uses often in its products. The included controller is a nice added bonus so you can change the volume, bass/treble, and multiple other settings from the comfort of your chair.

So now to the conclusion. Are these Creative speakers worth dropping some money on? Ultimately, we strongly believe they are worth it for the price. While it lacks some of the features of higher priced speakers, the audio quality is more than good enough for your average ‘Joe Gamer.’ While watching TV and movies, or playing the latest and greatest video games, the speaker holds up incredibly well, and those minor annoyances are easily forgotten. As a music first speaker, we might not recommend it as much. There are other speakers that will deliver a richer sound that many look for when listening to music. Still, when you look at the easy of use, included controller, and minor additions like SD card capabilities, it’s an easy recommendation overall for the price!


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