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Cloud Garden Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

Cloud Garden is an upcoming indie game coming to the Nintendo Switch. Check out the announcement trailer, along with some more information and thoughts on the game below.

Cloud Garden is a game where you create dioramas with objects and plants. There is no point to the game. It is basically a cozy game that will help you relax. Cloud Garden features a sandbox focused on creation and puzzle solving. It will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on May 12th and cost 17.99 USD.

Honestly, this game looks right up my alley. I love games that just let you relax and play around. Cloud Garden looks like a game you’d want to pick up, play a little, and then come back to later in the day. In other words, a good in small doses sort of game. If you like creating things and you play puzzle games, then this should be a game for you too.

What do you think of Cloud Garden?


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