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Casino Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Everybody knows something about the online casino experience, but the truth is often a little more complicated.

The biggest casino myths are easily put straight, and today we’re sharing some of those revelations.


Big pay outs, ‘rigged’ games and more… they might be good stories, but are there any truth to them? The answer, usually, is no.

Casino Games are Rigged

Take away the dealer and suddenly people stop trusting the system. That’s just basic human nature. If you can’t see who you’re up against, it’s easier to believe you’re at a disadvantage.

But it’s just not true in any way, shape or form. Think about it for a second – an online casino would lose its entire business if it turns out that games were being rigger in their favour. It makes way more sense to offer people incentives to play – such as codes on – than to rip off the customers you really want to keep.

Now, that doesn’t mean that they’re not making money. It just means that they’re not potentially ruining their reputation in an effort to swindle their customers.

Slot Machines and the Big Payout

We’ve all seen the trope. Some old lady putting penny after penny into a slot machine in the hopes that it’ll finally payout. Well, it’s obviously a myth.

A slot machine doesn’t have a magic counter inside it to make it pay out after so many goes. You can’t count a game of chance. But we like to see patterns in things, and the idea that something that hasn’t paid out must do eventually appeals to us – especially if we’re already gambling.

The truth is that slot machines payout when they payout. It can be tempting to keep putting money into it in an effort to redress a balance, but you’re just as likely to lose out as to win. You’re better off saving your money in these circumstances – there’s no big payout on the horizon.

Freezing Games

This is an older myth, but it still pops up occasionally. What’s to stop the app or website from freezing when you’re on a winning streak?

First of all, a winning streak is a myth all of its own. If that’s something you believe in, it’s worth reconsidering as it will definitely stop you getting that winning edge.

But the idea that a casino will ever freeze you out when you’re on a winning streak is laughable. They want you to keep gambling because, chances are, you’ll be losing again sooner rather than later.

Artificially freezing the game would not only result in more bad press, but it’d also give you less incentive to keep gambling. Sounds like a losing strategy to me.


People look for explanations when there isn’t one, and explaining away a streak of bad luck is as old a hobby as gambling itself.

But when you think about these myths for a few moments, it becomes clear that those spreading them aren’t necessarily doing it for the right reasons.

Online gambling in this day and age is safe and popular – so long as played responsibly and for enjoyment.


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