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Blue Nintendo Switch Lite to Launch on May 21st

The Nintendo Switch Lite is about to get a brand new color soon: blue! The new version of the Lite will come out on May 21st, the same day as Miitopia for the Switch.


I really like the look of this new color. Personally I think its the best color yet. It looks much better than the teal Switch Lite for sure. Maybe better than the yellow or red one too.

At $199, the Switch Lite is a great option if you play the system portable only. There are several colors available and I’m sure that the new color will sell very well.

What about Miitopia? Well, personally, I wasn’t a big fan of the game on the 3DS. I wish Tomodachi Life was coming to the the Switch instead. Who knows though! Maybe the Switch port of the game will be even better than the 3DS one. Nintendo is obviously hoping that they can sell Miitopia along side the new Switch Lite color that day.

Will you be checking out the blue Nintendo Switch Lite? Will you be getting Miitopia? Let us know in the comments!


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