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The (Animal) Gods Look Good: A Preview of Animal Gods for Wii U

The Wii U isn’t dead yet. Indie Developers are still, slowly, bringing games to the Wii U. I have had the chance to play one of the more recent Indie games for the Wii U, Animal Gods, thanks to the developer providing me with a review code for the game. I am not yet ready to write a review for Animal Gods, but here is a short preview of the game.


Animal Gods for the Wii U came out on Thursday last week. I have been playing the game for review. Today I would like to focus on my favorite aspect of the game so far: the graphics!

The graphics in Animal Gods are pretty good. I would say that’s its a bit cel-shaded. The graphics are very artistic too. I was stuck by how beautiful the overworld map was and how each of the different dungeons are interesting looking. If I had one complaint as far as the graphics, it is that the main character is too small in the overworld. I can see that was done to show the epic scope of the world, but still I wish the character was more visible.

In the dungeons, the main character is shown from a top down view. The character design here is very nice. And the end “bosses” remind me of something out of Samurai Jack.

Animal Gods is a good looking game on the Wii U! But is it a good game overall? Well…you’ll have to wait until my review to find out! I hope to have that up sometime this week.


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