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Which Video Games Have Had Bingo Or Casino Minigames In Them?

Over their years of innovation, video games have taken on many new features to make them more exciting. From virtual reality to ray-traced graphics, there has always been something available to make the playing experience better.

One of the major ways in which this has been done is through the introduction of minigames to diversify a game’s output and some of these have been inspired by the likes of bingo and casinos – here’s a few of them.

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Of course, the modern age has given rise not only to minigames within other games but also the ability to play bingo online with Betfair thanks to the sustained increase of the internet’s functionality. As a result of this, games like online bingo have become more accessible to players as well as taking on greater variety. This variety means there is always a different version of bingo for players to keep coming back to and also a new iteration for players to enjoy. It is a testament to bingo’s constant reinvention in the modern age that has allowed it to become as popular with younger players.

One of the first games that come to mind with regards to casino minigames is Grand Theft Auto V. With its Diamond Casino being added in an update back in 2019, the GTA universe’s horse track was finally converted into something usable. As a functioning casino within Los Santos, it features all manner of games from blackjack to roulette and three-card poker as well as countless different slot games. Besides, thanks to a further update to GTA Online, it became possible to conduct a heist on the casino following specific story missions to get there.

The marriage between casino minigames and open-world titles doesn’t end with GTA V either. In games such as Sleeping Dogs, it’s possible to play Mahjong Poker as well as engage in other activities such as karaoke.

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Casino and bingo minigames may be implemented in further titles as time passes such as Watchdogs Legion that currently only features three – football, darts and bare-knuckle fights. The original game, set in Chicago, featured both slot games and poker and it would therefore make sense for the same to be implemented in a newer version. To omit it could be seen as a step backwards in the franchise. Also, due to how well the casino has been implemented in GTA, for one to be placed within other games like Watchdogs Legion would be understandable.

A big update has been released for Legion to bring multiplayer functionality to the game. Given that by way of minigames, London remains a land of untapped potential, there’s plenty of room for expansion and innovation.

Casino-related minigames within open-world titles appear to have been a match made in heaven as there are endless possibilities with regards to the setting. It would come as little surprise that open-world games are becoming increasingly popular as time passes and the variety of minigames available can be seen as a major driver behind that.


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