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What Is Unicorn Overlord?

Have you heard of Unicorn Overlord? Do you know what it is? There’s a demo out for the game now and we checked it out. What did we think of Unicorn Overlord for the Nintendo Switch?


What is Unicorn Overlord? We checked out the demo for this uniquely titled game and want to try and explain what it is.

Unicorn Overlord is a real-time strategy game that will be on the Nintendo Switch and other systems. The demo shows off its graphics and gameplay well. Let’s start by talking about the graphics!

In this game, the graphics are so well illustrated. The game looks like a graphic novel come to life. All the characters and backgrounds are so well detailed. Not only that, but there are small details that are pretty neat too. Early on in the demo, you see characters standing around talking in the rain and you can see their breath as they talk! Unicorn Overlord just looks absolutely stunning.

Of course, graphics are great and all but what about the gameplay? How does the real-time strategy work?


When you get to the world map where battles take place, you will move your troops toward the enemy with the help of a cursor. You can take who you want into battle and manage their equipment and powers. Once you get to the other troops, you press attack and your character automatically attack the enemy. While you don’t control the attacks, all of the pre-battle planning is important in determining who wins or loses.

Unicorn Overlord is a different kind of game for the Nintendo Switch. The system mostly gets turn-based rpgs or action rpgs. With this game, we get a real-time strategy rpg game with excellent graphics and a cool story too. We haven’t even mentioned the story because we don’t want to spoil that part of the game. Its pretty epic though!

If you find any of this interesting, you should go check out the Unicorn Overlord demo on the Nintendo Switch eshop (and other places). The game comes out on March 8th, 2023.


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