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Triangle Strategy First Impressions

Square Enix’s Triangle Strategy is out now for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Canada provided us with a review code for the game. Here are our first impressions of Triangle Strategy for the Nintendo Switch!


Triangle Strategy is the first tactical rpg that Square Enix has done in awhile. On the surface, the game will remind players of Final Fantasy Tactics. The strategic battle system is similar to Tactics and the look of the game is like a cross between that game and Octopath Traveler.

That said, there are some major differences so far. Triangle Strategy has a much darker storyline. There are also branching path moments where players get to choose which direction they want to take the story in.

And as far as the gameplay goes, there doesn’t seem to be any extensive job system in Triangle Strategy. It was only recently that a class level up system could be used, and it plays more like Fire Emblem: get to a certain level and use a medal to advance to a different class. There are no random battles either. You can go to a bar to take part in some mock battles to level up.

The battles in Triangle Strategy are just as easy or just as hard as you want thanks to a difficulty setting. For the purposes of our review, the game is being played on Very easy mode so we can progress through the game as quickly as possible.


Triangle Strategy seems like a really good game so far. We’ll continue to play it and have a full review next week!

Have you played Triangle Strategy? What do you think of it?


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