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Super Mario Movie Toys Review – 5” Figures & 7” Bowser

The toys that are being released alongside the Super Mario Bros. Movie are insane, and fans cannot get enough. For a long time, collecting the figures from Jakks was for two specific groups of people – the massive number of kids who wanted to play with the toys, and the few adults looking to collect. There was, and may be still is, a massive group of people who are not actively purchasing Super Mario toys – the gamers. And after the hype around these releases, I think Jakk’s Pacific has finally cracked the code.


Leading up to the launch of the brand new toys, I have never seen my Twitter more alive. For the record, my Twitter feed is 70% video games, 20% toys and board games, and 10% sports. I didn’t just see the 20% of my feed talking about the new toys – I saw 90%, and it was epic.

Last week, Jakk’s Pacific sent over a box of Super Mario Bros. Movie toys for me to take a look at, and with my sons, we had a blast (video to come!). We received the 4 main 5” figures (Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad), as well as the 7” Bowser figure. All of them are epic awesome, detailed, and some of the best work Jakk’s has done. And that is saying a lot, because Jakk’s Pacific does GREAT work.

What I like most about figures is how detailed they are. My personal favourite of the lot is the Toad figure, complete with detailed backpack with fantastic painting, and a removable frying pan. The pan itself nicely slots into the backpack when not in Toad’s hand. Further, it also can be used to stabilize the toy as Toad is a bit back heavy!

Mario, Luigi, and Peach all have their own accessories as well. Luigi, the scaredy-cat that he is, has a really large flashlight. Give him the backpack, and it’s almost a toy right out of Luigi’s Mansion! Peach comes with an umbrella with a lovely heart shaped handle, and Mario, fittingly, has a plunger. The accessories fit well into the hands of the characters, allowing for great pose-able positions, or great playtime fun!

The articulation on the characters is also pretty good. Toad and Peach have a bit less articulation than Mario & Luigi, but I wasn’t disappointed with any of the characters. But the articulation isn’t the most impressive element. It’s how damn good these figures look. The paint job is phenomenal, and the realistic eyes, while odd at first, actually give the characters so much depth. It’s fantastic, and easily the highlight here, and something Jakk’s Pacific were really big on promoting through advertising and releases.


Still, as good as all the characters look, the 7” Bowser figure takes the cake. Taking off the shell allows consumers to put in a few batteries, because this isn’t just a plain old plastic toy – it breathes fire! OK. it doesn’t actually, but it does use water to create steam, and a red light inside Bowser’s mouth provides the look and feeling of fire. It’s really well done, and one of my kids favourite things.

Like the other characters, Bowser is the most impressive. And it should be. It’s a great display piece, and it’s good for playing with as well. It’s further proof that Jakk’s Pacific is incredibly impressive, and doing fantastic work. Keep it up, as I cannot wait to see where Jakk’s goes!


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