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Splatoon 2 A Hit This Weekend

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you would have had the option to download and play a little of Splatoon 2 this weekend, and from the buzz on Twitter today, it appears as if these people were generally happy with the experience. Two maps were available for players to run around and splat ink in. The ultimate goal was to test the servers on a heavy load, and with few reports of dropped games, I’d assume it went fairly well.


I enjoyed most of what I played, and my disappointments were at the hands of my own inability to be good at Splatoon 2, as opposed to anything wrong with the game. The Dualies are a wonderful new addition to the game, but their lack of accuracy just meant that my already poor accuracy skills were magnified even more!

The biggest outcry from the community was the use of the number ‘2’ when marketing Splatoon 2. Let’s face it, after only a few matches of Splatoon I was pretty sure I was playing new maps in the original game. While I understand there needed to be a new product at the store for the Nintendo Switch, I wonder if Nintendo would have been better to just continue expanding the original Splatoon lineup of modes and maps. After all, without anything drastically different, Splatoon 2 feels like a way to rip money from our cold hands.

I’m not opposed to buying Splatoon 2, especially since I won’t have any other way to play the game in my home – the Wii U has gone under folks! That being said, when you add the number ‘2’ to the title, I think people will be expecting more. They should have saved that title for when the game moves in a drastically new direction!

What did you think of the global test fire?



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