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KEMCO has released a lot of jrpgs for the Nintendo Switch. The newest one is called Ruinverse. It a traditional turn-based jrpg. Is it worth checking out? Let’s take a look!


Ruinverse is a traditional turn-based jrpg, it even has random battles. It is another rpg from KEMCO that would be a good introduction to players that have never played an rpg before. It is not too difficult, it has well laid out menus, and an excellent skill tree ability learning system.

The battle system is very traditional, although it does have some neat combo attacks thrown in. If you are a fan of SNES jrpgs, than you might fine Ruinverse’s gameplay, especially its battle system, interesting.

Its story, however, is pretty odd. I think it takes a lot of inspiration from anime. Basically, without spoiling too much, I will just say that one of your heroes is actually two people in one body and you go on a quest to help her out. Though the character never changes her look, she does change from a female to a male personality. Ruinverse has quirky storyline that keeps things a little interesting in between battles and exploration.


As for its graphics, Ruinverse looks similar to a 16- bit SNES jrpg. I think its battle environments look a bit better looking than its exploration areas. There isn’t a lot of detail in Ruinverse’s world but the game looks nice overall.

Ruinverse isn’t the best KEMCO jrpg I’ve played but its quirky storyline, battle system, and skill tree system bring some interesting things to the table. If you are new to the jrpg genre, this may be a game you’ll want to check out, especially if you are an anime fan too.

Ruinverse gets an 7.0 out of 10.

Thank you to KEMCO for providing a digital code for this review. Ruinverse is now available via the Nintendo Switch eshop.


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