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Quest for Infamy a Throwback to the Good Sierra Days

It’s not often that I’ve played a Point-And-Click adventure game that really got me excited, but that was how I felt this weekend while playing Quest for Infamy on the Nintendo Switch. While the game is actually almost a decade old – coming out on Steam about 7 years ago – getting to play and experience it for the first time on Nintendo Switch was a real treat. This game hit home even more as it really is a throwback to the good old days of Sierra titles, for me specifically Kings Quest.


You descend upon an odd town with whimsical characters on the day of a public execution. After wondering around town speaking with the locals, you realize that you better make a few friends otherwise you might be seen as someone to not be trusted, and potentially, be executed yourself! The town seems to be pretty loose with the death penalty! Your character is pretty interesting, and has a ton of witty lines – in fact, the entire game is written so well, and the audio soundtrack is solid as well. So. Much. Fun. And such a great throwback!

Check out the first 45 minutes of the game below!

There are a few things that make me pause for a moment – the character images are almost two realistic for the art style the game is using. A more pixelated character image would have been much more appropriate in this setting, at least in my opinion. Something more like what you see in Kings Quest 5 and Kings Quest 6. The voice acting throughout is also somewhat suspect as well, although sometimes the dry delivery aids in the humour that you see throughout the games entire experience.

If you want a great old school Point-and-Click adventure game with some outstanding visuals, great soundtrack, witty writing, and amazing locations, than Quest for Infamy is a good place to go. Note, it’s not for younger audiences as some of the jokes and writing can be a bit…mature.


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