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Pronty is an underwater Metroidvania for the Xbox Series. Is the underwater setting unique? Is this a fun game? Here is our review of Pronty for the Xbox Series S!


Pronty is an action adventure that takes place under water. The main protagonist is a creature that is learning to be a protector of the sea. You can choose from a couple of “skins”, looks that let you determine how the character looks. More will unlock later. The story has the character going from learning to being a protector very fast. The story is interesting, though the game’s small dialogue font, that can’t be adjusted, will annoy players with eyesight problems. However, while the story is good, its Pronty’s gameplay that really stands out.

The game is very Metroidvania like, meaning there’s lots of exploration of the underwater areas and multiple pathways. You also will find new abilities as you go much like Metroid. The fact that you are swimming around and have unique underwater abilities helps set this game apart from other Metroidvanias a little bit. Pronty isn’t reinventing the wheel though. The overall gameplay will feel very familiar but if you like Metroidvanias, than you’ll enjoy Pronty.


Pronty is a good-looking game. The underwater creatures are pretty neat and all the backgrounds are interesting. There are some cool comic book style cutscenes in this game too!

Overall, Pronty is a great game. The graphics and gameplay make it an interesting take on the Metroidvania formula. Its not a perfect game, but its still something like fans of the genre will absolutely want to check out.

Pronty gets a 8.0 out of 10.

A digital code was provided for this review. Pronty is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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