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Penny Punching Princess Bribes Her Enemies To Go Away

NIS America is well known for their wacky, very anime inspired rpgs. However, did you know that they are also known for their Princess punching games? Ok, so that are not known for that yet but I think one day they will be. Penny Punching Princess will be out on Tuesday (April 3rd) for the Nintendo Switch. I have a review copy of the game and have played it a little. Here are my first impressions of Penny Punching Princess!


Why should you have to fight to make enemies go away? Why not simply pay a flat fee to get rid of them? Yes, I am suggesting that you bribe your enemies to go away. Hey, it works for the Penny Punching Princess!

In this upcoming new game for the Nintendo Switch, a princess and her pet bug go out in the world to make money, beat up enemies, and pay them to go away when the going gets rough!

Money makes the world go round in this game. You’ll have to collect a lot of money, either from the corpses of your enemies or from a chest nearby. It sounds bloody but its not. Penny Punching Princess is a mostly G-rated affair. You could totally have your kids play this game as long as you don’t mind them finding out about bribery at that young an age. Shame on you.

There is so much about Penny Punching Princess that screams “fairy tale about bribery”. For one, the game has a narrator in between stages and for two the graphics are very cutsy and sort of retro. There is a lot of humor to this game. Some of the humor would probably go over the heads of very young players. I think the right age of players for this game might be anyone from 16-1,000. I could be wrong though.

I am very early on in Penny Punching Princess. Its possible that this game gets rude or natsy later on. This is a game about bribing your enemies, so who knows what other fishy things the game gets up to. I would totally have my lawyer check out this game if I had one.

Penny Punching Princess is coming to the Nintendo Switch on Tuesday. I’ll try to have a review of this game sooner or later, but I won’t promise it for anytime soon. Of course, you could bribe me to get it sooner. I take “donations” if you catch my drift!

Stay tuned to for more about this game and other games about bribing your enemies to go away.



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