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More Mythwind Available now via Kickstarter

If you’ve been following the website and my YouTube channel, you know how excited we have been about Mythwind. While there are definitely aspects we don’t love, we quickly put in dozens of hours and now cannot wait for new content to drop for this game. And guess what everyone – if you missed out on the first campaign, this is also a big reprint, so you can get everything you missed out on!


Here is more from Open Owl Studios about this campaign:

The “Friends & Family” expansion introduces new character interactions, villagers to socialize with, and deepens the lore of Mythwind, providing even more opportunities for creativity and cooperative play. Designed to integrate seamlessly with the base game, this expansion enhances the Mythwind experience. Supporters of the Kickstarter will have access to exclusive rewards, including the Secret Lives of Sprites mini-expansion, alongside the base game and the “Friends & Family” expansion.

What I’m really excited about in this campaign is also getting updated rulebooks and reference cards. Somethings were fixed with Erratas, but there are also going to be major changes based on the new expansion. The updated rulebooks and reference cards will be available as PDF downloads whether you back the campaign or not, but I love the little books and to get updated books for a relatively low price is good with me.

I am also excited about replacing the little cardboard tracker tiles with wooden pieces. This will be for your resources, and a few other things around the various boards. Again, this is an inexpensive upgrade that I’m really excited about getting.

You can check out the campaign right now on Kickstarter – it’s probably funded by the time you read this article, but be sure to check it out and pick up your copy! Good luck, Open Owl Studios!


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