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More Coming to Two Point County – Our Top 3 New Franchises

Back in 2019, GamesRadar did an interview the team behind Two Point Hospital to discuss the game itself, and if we would see any other games coming to Two Point County. You can read that full interview here! We won’t hash out that entire discussion here again, except to say that the development team definietly envisions more adventures coming to Two Point County, and might have even dotted a few hints along the way! Did anyone else the ‘amusement park’ – actually just a small collection of fair rides – on the map?! Let’s dive into three new franchises we would like to see created in Two Point County!

Two Point Hospital 3

Two Point Theme Park

I’m going out on a limb here and saying that Two Point Theme Park is obviously the perfect fit to Two Point County? Why? Well it’s simple really: there hasn’t been a good RollerCoaster Tycoon game in years, and the people behind Theme Park were also the people behind Theme Hospital – many of the Theme Hospital folks now work on Two Point Hospital. You see how this works, right?

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But theme park tycoon games have always been a huge hit with tycoon game fans, and therefore, would be the perfect fit for Two Point County. While I doubt we will ever see a world where the games interact with each other, they could create a cool connection between Two Point Theme Park and Two Point Hospital by having Theme Park advertisements you can sprinkle around your hospital, and being able to setup a Two Point Hospital station within your parks for first aid. It would be fantastic, and I believe of the games we are going to propose here, this is the most likely!

Two Point Zoo

Like with RollerCoaster Tycoon, there has not really been a good Zoo Tycoon game either – Zoo Tycoon for Xbox One and Windows was a bit of a flop, and while I’ve enjoyed Project Zoo, I prefer the wacky, more-cartoony look of the Zoo Tycoon and it’s expansions, as opposed to the hyper realistic experience newer zoo tycoon games seem to offer.

Two Point Zoo is a less likely Two Point County experiences than Two Point Theme Park, but not one outside the realm of possibility. We’ve seen numerous zoo tycoon type games in the past, so it’s not a reach for the development team to create an all new experience with this theme!

Two Point Resort

What’s great about Two Point County is the variety of different biomes you’ll be able to experience. You build hospitals in the tropics, hospitals in the cold, etc. This would lend really well to a Two Point Resort style game. Beaches and fantastic water activities in the tropics, a ski resort in the cold mountains, and regular resorts – campgrounds perhaps – everywhere else. We’ve had resort style games in the past, but this would still be the biggest leap for Two Point County.


Now we want to hear from you – which tycoon games could you see coming to Two Point County? Let us know!


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