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Marvelous Facts About Australian Casino History

Gambling is a way of life in Australia, as it has deep roots in history. Most folks used betting as a form of pastime and recreational activity, and it has not changed. As it stands, the entire industry is evolving. This is due to the increasing attraction to different casino games, including pokies, horse racing, and table games, as the preferred options. Finding these titles on the best online casino Australia site is no longer an issue, as reputable review platforms show how to claim the best rewards. There are still other forms, and the top among them are scratch-cards and the lottery.

Most Australians are passionate gambling lovers, and online casinos’ introduction now makes this activity easier. It comes with numerous benefits, especially as anyone can comfortably place bets from a place of convenience. According to statistics, Aussies spent approximately 17 billion Australian Dollars on most e-gaming machines in 2020 alone. The growing interest has been going on for a long time since the government has supported the industry for many years.

However, Aussies’ unconditional love for gambling did not start today. In this article, we will discuss several interesting facts about the history and development of casinos and gambling in general. If you’ve ever wondered why most of the Australian population are gamblers, you’re at the right place.

Online Casinos Helped with the Australian Economy Growing

Currently, the casino industry is worth 11 billion AUD, employing over 60,000 people. Its impact on the country’s economy has been seen since the early days. According to most historical events, the rise of the industry was during the downfall of the country’s economy, especially in the early and mid-70s.

Hence, the establishment and growth of casinos were to revive key sectors. The main benefit that this move showed was an increase in taxes the government collected at the time. All funds generated were moved to revive key areas that needed saving. This includes healthcare and infrastructure, while local economies got aid from the funds.

In addition, the casino industry attracted more foreigners for tourism, especially the Chinese. Gambling was prohibited in China, and the citizens preferred to travel to Australia to enjoy gaming at the various retail floors available. This was another way the government raised funds.

Mostly Men Play Casino Games in Australia

There is a common conception that most gamblers are men. However, this notion is not entirely true regarding gambling in Australia. You will find a percentage of women betting on different casino games. Apparently, the game was started by men long ago, dating back to World War 1 and World War 2.

The number of women that gamble is on the high side. However, the men place more risky bets with higher amounts than their female counterparts. It is no surprise that men face more gambling addiction-related issues. Among them include loss of funds, depression, and psychological breakdown, among others.

On the flip side, more Australian male gamblers hold the record for the biggest casino wins and losses. Women are sure to increase in their numbers, but men will continue to outnumber them because of the reasons above.

Most of the Players in the World are Australian

Current statistics show a whopping 40% of the country’s population as gamblers. This means that approximately 7 million people in Australia place bets on one casino game or another. This statistic is not misleading for most people, as this country holds the record for the highest number of casinos globally.

An intriguing tip for this is that most players enjoy wagering on games like pokies and table titles. Another intriguing fact is that all casino wins come 100% tax-free. This applies across all the states in the country.

Besides slots and table offerings, Aussies enjoy placing bets on other amazing games. This includes poker, sports betting, etc. On average, 88-89% of the legal-age population will place bets on one or more casino games. Although some US states like Las Vegas make the country rank high on the list. However, because gambling is almost part of the culture, it is hard to displace them.

One unique feature of the gambling population in Australia is that the older age grade (50-65) is more actively involved with betting on casino games than the younger demographic. You will also find players above 65 years wagering as those in the age 50-55 bracket.

Video Pokies Contribute Over 50% of the Country’s Revenue

Casino gambling contributes hugely to the Australian economy. There are different parts that the government raises its revenue from this industry. They include taxes from employment from casinos, and payments for infrastructure use, which is a major reason it is a tourism hub. While all this contributes well, they don’t amount to the amount the government gets from video pokies.

In Australia, video poker is commonly referred to as pokie and has good patronage among Aussie gamblers. In 2021 alone, more than 12% of the gambling population (about 2.4 million players) placed bets on different pokies. A huge reason is that all casinos in Australia have pokie machines. Although this number is declining, video pokies are high in many territories with good populations, where the residents bet on these machines.

Australia: One of the Best Countries to Play Casinos

With the government encouraging gambling, it is little wonder why there is increasing development of the industry. Currently, the country boasts over 15 of the well-designed and built casinos globally, which makes Australia a prime location for tourism. Hence, little wonder why there is an increasing number of visitors who troop to different locations across the nation to view the beautiful artwork.


Furthermore, most foreign travelers are attracted to the social scene, which is casual. Hence, they prefer to return to the same place to wager on the different games. As stated, the Chinese people are one of the highest numbers of tourists to the gaming floors in Australia. This is because most casinos accept Yuan. They don’t have to worry about changing the currency to Australian Dollars before placing bets.

Most casinos also organize concerts and events that attract different travelers globally. This is another reason Australia remains a top destination country to play games. The government also helps to promote the gambling culture by proposing visa incentives for such visitors.


Casino gambling is a major part of the culture in Australia. It has played a huge role in how the country has moved from a bad economic situation to a tourism haven for travelers from different countries. Among the different interesting features of its history is that one game caters to more than 50% of the government’s revenue. Little wonder why Australia plays host to over 15 of the world’s most expensive casinos.


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