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LEGO The Incredibles Announce Trailer

LEGO has made a game out of almost everything: Marvel, DC, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. However they have never done a LEGO game based on a Pixar movie…until now! LEGO The Incredibles was announced this week. We have the announcement trailer below, along with my thoughts on the game!

LEGO The Incredibles has been announced for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game will be out on June 15, 2018. LEGO The Incredibles will be about both the first and second movie!

The trailer above doesn’t show any actual gameplay footage. It shows off the characters in their LEGO form and announces what the game is about and when the game is coming out. Based on other games that LEGO has done recently though, we can expect a pretty big game with a wonderful open world hub. The Incredibles movies has some very cool set pieces and some interesting side superheroes that will probably be included in the game.

I think its great that LEGO is finally doing a game based on a Pixar movie and they really did pick the right one. The Marvel and DC LEGO games have given them so much experiance with superheroes. I’m sure LEGO The Incredibles is going to be great.

Are you looking forward to LEGO The Incredibles? What do you hope the game includes from the two movies?


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