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Last Week to Back Ostia Pirates + Add Ons!

With only one week to go, your chances to back Ostia Pirates is slowly fading away. Listen folks, take it from me, if you want to pick up a game from UCHIBACOYA you do not want to wait. These games generally will not hit retaliers in the West, and I’ve already disappointed myself by missing out on their games multiple times. Yes, the price might be a bit concerning, but these are games that hold their value and will be something you are happy to have in your board game collection!


You can check out the campaign here, but lets refresh our memory on what it’s all about:

“Ostia Pirates,” the latest release from Japanese board game publisher Uchibacoya, is an expansion to the acclaimed “Ostia” set in the ancient Roman port. This captivating game, designed for 2 to 4 players, positions players as fleet owners who must navigate the turbulent waters where piracy threatens and trade beckons. With the introduction of riveting challenges and a bounty of briny-fresh elements to enjoy, the Ostia Pirates expansion delivers a compelling new strategic experience.

Even if you aren’t that excited about Ostia as a game – and listen, not everyone needs to be – if you want access to the plethora of previous games from this designer, you can pledge any amount to get access to the pledge manager after the campaign ends. With that manger, you can add games like Aqua Garden to your cart and have them shipped to you when Ostia Pirates is being delivered!

We highly recommend you check out Aqua Garden – it looks like an amazing placement game with fantastic components that will definitely be a table pleaser. It looks fantastic, and from what i’ve heard, it plays fantastic as well!

We are talking with the design team to feature UCHIBACOYA games in the future, so stay tuned!




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