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Indie World Showcase 3.17.2020 (video)

Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase just aired! We have the video below and some thoughts on it too.

This Indie World Showcase was a lot better than then the last one in my opinion. A lot of cool looking indie games were shown this time.

Which ones did I like the best?

For me, the biggest standout was Summer in Mara. It looked like a cross between the Legend of Zelda and the new Animal Crossing! I absolutely want to play Summer in Mara.

I also thought Baldo looked really good. It reminded me a lot of Ni No Kuni’s graphics. The gameplay looked very Legend of Zelda like.

Other titles that impressed me were I Am Dead, The Good Life, and The Last Campfire!

There were a lot of games shown. Unfortunately, most of them are not coming out till Summer or late in the year…

Which game did you like the best in this indie showcase?


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