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FIFA 21 a Perfect Fit for Google Stadia

While Google Stadia has been getting a lot of bad press lately – not all of it accurate and fair mind you – there are still many folks around the world who absolutely love the ability to play their games whenever, wherever. I’m part of that group. Through a great relationship with Google, we have had the opportunity to review these titles on a fairly consistent basis, and FIFA 21 might be one of my favourites.


To me, FIFA has always played best in short spurts, when I have a few minutes here or a few minutes there. Sitting down to load up my consoles and get the game loaded from the hard drive isn’t really becoming the ideal way to play this type of game. Shoot, I’m only going to play one fifteen minutes match, do I want to spend all that time loading up the game, etc.

And frankly, God forbid if there is an update I need to download on my capable, but still slow 40mbs down.

So we come back to Google Stadia. Grabbing my stadia controller, I can play FIFA almost anywhere in my house, either on the variety of Chromecasts I have spread around, or on my Google Pixel 5G. If my wife is using the TV that has the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 on it, no big deal. I have half a dozen other places I can play. With no updates required.

So what about the game itself. As with all Google Stadia games I’ve played to date, FIFA 21 runs flawlessly, with no interruption, no hiccups, no lag…nothing, nada. It really is the premiere FIFA experience, and one that can be enjoyed in multiple places for one price. Playing FIFA 21 must makes me wish EA and Google would connect on NHL 21 and bring that title to the platform. I could only imagine playing HUT Rush for a few quick minutes on my Google Stadia, once again whenever and wherever I want.

If you’ve been sleeping on Stadia still, but are a huge FIFA fan, this is the time to jump in. And with the ability to play on almost any platform, with a multitude of different controllers, there is no reason not to!


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