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Destroying the Universe for Profit: A Look At the Vostok Inc Demo

Who knew destroying the universe could be profitable? Its also fun! Have I gone mad? Am I now suddenly evil? No, I’m talking about another game of course! Vostok Inc is a game about making money…at the universe’s expense! You have a spaceship and you destroy asteroids, other spaceships, and mine planets for all of their resources. This is a twin stick shooter with some sim elements. And there is a demo out for the game now. I’ve played the demo and now I’ll tell you how I feel about it.


The Vostok Inc demo is a lot of fun.

The game starts out with you in a spaceship. Vostok Inc is a 2D game for the most part, but this game is no side-scroller. You can go up, down, left, right, basically all around outerspace. You’ll find yourself zooming around to Earth, Mars, Venus, basically all the planets in this universe (even Pluto! Yes its a planet. Shut up).

There is a guy named Jimmy that keeps appearing in a small box in the corner to help you out at first and then annoy the heck out of you. I found out, thanks to the developer of the game, that you can block Jimmy’s calls via the options menu. Thank god.

Once Jimmy is blocked, you can just go around destroying stuff, grabbing money, strip mining planets, and having fun. The demo is very free roaming.

Don’t get too cocky though. The enemies in Vostok Inc can be really hard! Sometimes, ok often, you’ll get into a battle with a whole bunch of enemies and get killed. You will respawn but you’ll lose a lot of money from dying. Oh no.

If you are just out and about exploring and you get down on power, you can try and make it back to your base to heal up. There are things to buy at the base too. There are things to everywhere!

The Vostok Inc. demo is a lot of fun, especially if you like twin stick shooters and sim elements. It seems like a well designed game.

Don’t believe me?! You can go check out the game yourself. The Vostok Inc. demo is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eshop! So is the full game. Destroy the universe, make money, and have fun.


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